Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Books - your opinion Eric Johnson

Name: Eric Johnson
Age: 19
Tell us a little about yourself: I like Doctor Who books and like to write. Hopefully, one day, those interests could be merged!What Doctor Who book are you currently reading: Campaign; took a little break to read a couple Sandman volumes, but now back into it!
What I love about Doctor Who books is: Their ability to go beyond what most tie-in fiction does, a truly exquisite blend of old and new, excellent stories that use the book medium to their full advantage and tell proper novels and at the same time, be damn interesting Doctor Who stories as well.
What frustrates about Doctor Who books is: How mediocre they can be at times; c'mon people, stretch the imagination at little!
My favourite Doctor Who book is: The Dying Days
Because: It is the pinnacle of everything that is Doctor Who. It's got frocks and guns. It's both trad and rad. It's both a fitting and loving finale for the New Adventures and an exciting and promising start to the Eighth Doctor's books. It's old and new; nostalgic and creating nostalgia. It's everything that works in Doctor Who, none of what doesn't. It's astounding.
My least favourite Doctor Who book is: Sting of the Zygons
Because: It's not really that bad, but it just bored me to sleep. I really haven't read that many overall BAD Doctor Who books (that I've finished), so this one takes the cake.
Favourite covers: Damaged Goods. Freaky and highly detailed.
Least favourite covers: The Highest Science. Who is this person and why are they wearing Sylvester McCoy's outfit?
My favourite Doctor Who author is: Lance Parkin
Because: Like Doc Oho, I love how rich and detailed each of his books are; they each feel totally unique yet still the same author.
My least favourite Doctor Who author is: John Peel
Because: I couldn't finish Genesys or Evolution.
The funniest moment in Doctor Who fiction is: An Ice Lord threatening Jesus Christ to a duel, weapons of his choosing.
The scariest moment in Doctor Who fiction is: In the Eyeless, where the lead Eyeless confronts a woman with the eyes of her daughter in his head.
How do you select which book you are going to read: Ones that have a good reputation, ones by authors I like.
Where/when/how do you like to read: Mostly in my room at my desk, sometimes in bed, but I can never decide on a way to hold the book!
Best novel Doctor: The Seventh and Eighth both got the most development in the novels, beyond just reproducing what's been on screen.
Best novel companion: Professor Bernice Summerfield. I mean, she's the icon, isn't she? She's the one who's spawned her own books and audios and comics.
Worst novel Doctor: The Second is very difficult to capture in print without Troughton's magic touch.
Worst novel companion: Yeah, New Ace was pretty embarrassing at times.
Most overrated Doctor Who author and why: Um... none that I can think of. Most of the ones with good reputations, I like. In fact, I like most Doctor Who authors!
Most underrated Doctor Who author and why: Mags L. Halliday.History 101 is fantastic, and Warring States is lovely as well. I hope she writes an Eleventh Doctor book!
Which Doctor Who book do you wish you had written and why: I would've loved to have written Dead Romance or the Gallifrey Chronicles or Human Nature.

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